ZAK Architecture

How to create a website for a big impact on all 4 screens

Shay Zak is one of the leading Bay Area Architects who also happens to focus on vacation homes for the luxury market in the tropics. Like many architecture and design firms, Zak Architecture’s site prior to our involvement with build out in Adobe Flash, a no-no when it comes to small-format devices running iOS (iPhones and iPads). Also, with Flash site design gets locked into a particular aspect ratio, which is not so user-friendly given today’s increasingly international audience and the plethora of monitor shapes, sizes, and aspect ratios in use.


  • Responsive website that performs well on all 4 screens – large-format displays, desktops, mobile, and tablets
  • Removed low quality downloadable PDFs that were hard to read in favor of a press section optimized for search
ZAK Architecture
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