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Changing Your Name without Skipping a Beat (or Missing any Link Love)

Recurve had done business for 5 years as “Sustainable Spaces” when it decided to change its name in 2009. At the time, the company functioned as an energy retrofitter for homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. The name “Recurve” was chosen to underline the fact that the company was moving from services (energy retrofitting of homes) to a maker of software to support the trade (home energy retrofitters).

SEO work consisted of transitioning old links to the new name, which took an extensive outreach effort.

SEM or paid-advertising was used to generate homeowner leads both for the company itself and for its customers, which at the time were other home-energy retrofitters purchasing its software. Lead distribution to the internal sales team at Recurve and to external reseller partners was handled using Pardot, the marketing automation system. Pardot was also used for lead nurturing.


The company learned that it could not generate leads using paid-search cost effectively and decided to discontinue this effort.

Several strategy shifts later, Recurve exited the services business entirely and eventually got sold to Tendril as a pure software play.

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