Creating a website that is a platform for lead generation

PresenceLearning sells a platform for live online speech therapy to schools and parents targeted at the K-12 market. Speech therapy has been found to be the number #1 kind of intervention required by children with special needs and online speech therapy has been proven both effective and efficient, especially as the nation faces a shortage of accredited speech therapists. PresenceLearning not only provides the technology but enables more children to achieve their goals by providing therapists to school districts that would otherwise not be able to meet demand. The company is the leader in its market and doing a lot of things right when it comes to content marketing and lead generation:

  • Webinars
  • A Sales / Marketing Database
  • An early investment in Marketo for lead nurturing, drip campaigns, webinar support, and landing page management

Nirvana, right?

Well. Not exactly. The problem both we and our client faced was that they were saddled with a website that was 3 years old and woefully inadequate to support the client’s needs.

Open Marketing stepped in to redesign their website, with a focus on enabling the company to start a conversation with three major constituents: schools, parents, and clinicians. Each constituent now has a natural “point of entry” into the website and the company, with offers targeted to them.

Results were dramatic and immediate.

In less than one week we saw:

  • Traffic | Up by 20%
  • Lead flow | Increase by a concomitant amount
  • Bounce rate | Down by over 10 percentage points.
  • Engagement | Through the roof now matter how you measure it – based on page views, time spent on site, return visits
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