Eat My Words

When You Need a Secret Weapon to Go After New Business

Eat My Words is naming firm based in San Francisco that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine. The firm has created such popular names as “Smitten” (Ice Cream), “Jazzed” (online dating), and Neato (home-cleaning robotics) to name just a few of the names it has created. (Pun intended).

In 2011, the company was approached by a major technology company to go through a complex RFP process. The client worried that the complexity of the process— coupled with the custom content it needed to develop in response to the RFP—would eat the company alive. Their first call was to Open Marketing.


Our client did not get selected as a result of the RFP process. But the visibility it got as a result of this experience was tremendous. Revenues are up as is inbound lead flow. Eat My Words continues to retain Open Marketing for landing-page development and implementation as well as for advice and counsel.

Eat My Words
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