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Thank You Pages in Response to Landing Pages are a Changing

Montenate is a company (not our client) that we follow as a best practice company, one that is leading the way in inbound marketing. Recently we signed up for a webinar on Trends in Mobile. The webinar thank you page caught our eye because it is representative of a new trend in thank you pages. […]

When Bad Websites Happen to Good Companies It Can Be Costly

We’re not in the rescue and recovery business. It only seems like we are. Recently some friends of ours who own a large and important interior design firm got in touch. They were contacting us to let us know about the launch of their new website – something which had been a year (!) in […]

Adaptive vs. Responsive Design

Tomato Tomato. Really the two things are very similar. But we do get asked about the differences between these two terms. Both are terms that refer to adapting your design to fit the specific constraints of a mobile device / mobile browser. They come from different people and you can read about what the different […]

Quick and Dirty Guide to Evaluating Web Creative

Source: Quick & Dirty Records A lot of people don’t know how to evaluate web creative, so here’s a quick and dirty guide. Before You Begin First of all, go back and read the creative brief with a highlighter. Highlight the communication objectives and what the brand is all about. Put the highlighted portion of […]

Nice video of me over on Jeremiah’s blog

Do watch the video but here’s the cliff note version … there are 5 key elements that should be considered as key elements of any companies web strategy: Actively listening to your customers … using blogs, wikis, and customer forums to facilitate customer as they interact with each other; listening as customers talk to collect […]

Price war in internet advertising

xpect this to escalate into a full-fledged price war and shake out where some of the lesser networks bite the dust for lack of inventory Ad Networks Facing Fierce Fight for Inventory Ad dollars are chasing the internet more and more, and ad networks are now confronted with serious competition for premium inventory and soaring […]

Rules of the road for online advertising

The text book publisher J. Wiley calls this article a “must read”. Unfortunately, you must read it here since this article is no longer available on Clickz. Warning: Immediate gratification ahead By Marcia Kadanoff Drive results with caution OK, I’ve been here 4 months now. It’s official. I’m no longer an agency principal, responsible for […]

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