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Working with an interesting new company – Myallies

Photo from Wikihow: Get a Man to Ask for Directions Currently located at (I know, I know) the company will shortly relocate to The problem we solve is that women don’t like to ask for help. Numerous studies show that by not asking for help, women disadvantage themselves in their careers and in […]

Thank You Pages in Response to Landing Pages are a Changing

Montenate is a company (not our client) that we follow as a best practice company, one that is leading the way in inbound marketing. Recently we signed up for a webinar on Trends in Mobile. The webinar thank you page caught our eye because it is representative of a new trend in thank you pages. […]

5 Quick Trends in Content Marketing for 2013

2012 was quite a year for content marketing. Increasingly we and other thought leaders in the industry are looking back on 2012 as the year content marketing started moving into the mainstream. For evidence, you need look no farther than these three articles – from the mainstream press – that discuss content marketing: So what […]

The Importance of All 4 Screens

(Image via Social Media Today) A client recently told me they didn’t need responsive design, thank you, because <10% of their traffic came to them courtesy of smart phones. I took a big breath and told my client – with respect – that they were dead wrong. Validation comes from this study from Google which […]

Ah, LOHAS.  Sounds kind of Hawaiian, right?  Wrong.

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is a movement to bring green, sustainable commerce into the mainstream. And at the LOHAS 10 forum last month in Santa Monica, acknowledgment of a tipping point was in the air. Whole Foods-shopping, hybrid-driving, Energy Star appliance-buying consumers are reaching critical mass -38% of the adult population (Natural Marketing […]

Life after focus groups and written surveys

It seems like a simple question: “What do you want?” Yet companies routinely struggle to find effective ways to ask the question of their customers, and more important, to understand the answers. Fortunately, there is life after focus groups and the written survey. For example, technology is pushing feedback further. Online customer research firm Hotspex […]

More homes less

Americans, especially baby boomers, aren’t changing residences as often, our houses are bigger and more expensive than ever, yet we are away from home more than ever. Why? With fewer children in the home, we’re becoming a nation of empty nesters. Higher incomes mean we’re traveling more. More Americans have second homes they visit on […]

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