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Identify New Business Opportunities with the Consumer Trend Canvas

Best-practice business-to-business marketers are committed to marketing to their customers as people … not job titles, or corporate entities. For B2B Marketers increasingly this means taking tools intended for marketing of consumer products and adapting them to meet their needs. In this spirit, I thought I would share the Consumer Trend Canvas. This is a […]

HTML5: Problem or Opportunity when it comes to SEO?

HTML5 is not a ratified standard. But a lot of people are using HTML5 to code up their websites, both to access new functionality and also because HTML5 is well .. cool. The best uses of HTML5 we’ve seen is as a replacement for Adobe Flash, especially in today’s world where as much as 30% […]

Mobile Marketing Weekly Round-Up: Facebook’s Mobile First Strategy, Apple Beats Samsung Again, and More

Facebook Pushes Forward On Mobile First Strategy With 23% of their revenue coming from mobile advertising and daily mobile users outnumbering Web for the first time, Facebook will undoubtedly continue to focus on mobile. As Chantal Tode stated in Mobile Marketer Daily, “Since mobile users are typically in a different mindset than desktop users, it […]

Cause If You Liked It, Then You Should’ve Put a Pin on It

How Pinterest Influences the Buyer and Why You Should Participate This time last year every marketer was either praising Pinterest on their blog or creating ebooks on why businesses should join. Initially, we didn’t believe the hype and thought the Pinterest craze wouldn’t last. Besides the innovative interface and large, female user base, there just […]

Goodbye Feedburner, Hello Feedblitz

Google is phasing out the Feedburner API, which generally means that the company is getting ready to end-of-life the product sometime in the near future. It’s not imminent, no reason to panic, etc. That said, we like to be proactive about these things, so we are moving all of our clients to Feedblitz. We looked […]

A Follow Up – How to Embed Infographics

(Image via Chad Haugen) Previously, I wrote about how to create the embed code that should go below any infographic you create and want to share across the blogosphere. This article got a lot of nice attention and is one of the most visited on Open Marketing’s blog. As a follow up to this, I […]

“IF CONTENT IS KING, CONTEXT IS GOD,” said Gary Vaynerchuk

Recently, Hubspot picked up on this copy line to define their newest product offering … Hubspot3 which adds contextual marketing + advanced personalization to this product, which we and our clients use to generate leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy – at which point we hand off the lead to sales […]

Opinion-Gathering Software

A new service from Tacit Software allows users to pick the brains of their friends and colleagues for opinions and expertise. The service, called Illumio, is set to debut next month, and works by transparently distributing a request for information on questions like, “Who knows Jane Smith?” or “Which cameras are better, Kodak or Canon?” […]

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