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For B2Bs & SMBs, The Oscar For “Best Social Medium” Goes To Twitter

Recently a friend of mine had to downsize her business and in the process she lost her social media intern. She shrugged it off by saying – it’s not as if Twitter drives new business. On the contrary! According to a recent study completed by Optify – one of our strategic partners here at Open […]

How To Create The Right Social Media Personality For Lead Generation

Social media is an opportunity for your firm to interact with a community of people who are active in your field and who often make or influence purchase decisions personally and within companies. And with Google now ranking on social influence and cues, brands can now use social media as a lead generation tool by […]

Cause If You Liked It, Then You Should’ve Put a Pin on It

How Pinterest Influences the Buyer and Why You Should Participate This time last year every marketer was either praising Pinterest on their blog or creating ebooks on why businesses should join. Initially, we didn’t believe the hype and thought the Pinterest craze wouldn’t last. Besides the innovative interface and large, female user base, there just […]

Search became more social and content centric throughout 2012

Google spent 2012 rewriting search as we know it. Many of the changes it made to its algorithm this year penalize websites that don’t add value to their users. For lack of a better word, we call these sites “tilt ups” … although everyone else just seems to call them spam. Here’s what characterizes a […]

Guy Kawasaki is coming to one of our clients – Content Rules – Virtually that is

We wanted to let everyone who follows us know, so they could register for this exciting FREE WEBINAR. Here’s the scoop: Guy will be talking about his new book – What the Plus – Google Plus for the Rest of Us. The last time Guy wrote an entire book about a product was … well […]

“IF CONTENT IS KING, CONTEXT IS GOD,” said Gary Vaynerchuk

Recently, Hubspot picked up on this copy line to define their newest product offering … Hubspot3 which adds contextual marketing + advanced personalization to this product, which we and our clients use to generate leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy – at which point we hand off the lead to sales […]

Twitter custom backgrounds aka themes

A basic custom theme can be developed very easily – just create a graphic 250 pixels wide and 500 to 800 pixels tall.  Pick a regular (non custom) Twitter theme that is close to the background color that you are using and then adjust the colors accordingly.  Two examples can be found here: – […]

Just finished an assignment up for a neat little start up

In the virtual branded goods space called AdNectar. Most people don’t know that this is a vibrant market with Facebook alone making $75-$100M in revenues on virtual goods! To good resources on virtual branded goods are the blog Virtual Branded Goods and this article from October 2008 Business Week: Links Virtual Goods News Lucrative Alternatives […]

Must read blogs for social marketers

Came across this entry just updated based on an original entry published May 2008: ViperChill CopyBlogger Techipedia Social Media Optimization NowSourcing Soshable 10e20 SocialDesire Collective Thoughts ToprankBlog WignutSEO 97thFloor SearchEnginePeople BlogStorm DoshDosh IgniteSocialMedia SearchEngineLand CornwallSEO SocialMediaTrader SocialNewsWatch SearchEngineGuide Muhammad Saleem ProNetAdvertising Source Sempahore Software Blog

New research from eMarketer on advertisers spending on social networks

Market research firm eMarketer released a report on Worldwide Online Social Networking Ad Spending today. In the report, Debra Aho Williamson, writes that “Worldwide, online social network ad spending is expected to grow by 81%, to $2.2 billion in 2008 from $1.2 billion this year.” Williamson’s research also finds that “70% of all US teens […]

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