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Why You (Still) Need An SEO Strategy (And What to Do About It)

Now that 100% of content from Google comes in as “referrer not provided” some people I talk to seem to think that an SEO strategy is no longer needed. Say it isn’t so! Today a SEO strategy looks a lot like a content strategy … and yes … you need one desperately. Why? Because unless […]

7 Quick SEO Tips that You Can Use to Make A Difference

Ever wonder why that firm is showing up at the top of the search results for San Francisco Interior Design Firm or San Francisco Architects? Sometimes it’s by chance but more than likely these firms have invested in Search Engine Optimization. Why? Because studies show that content ranked in the top four positions of search […]

HTML5: Problem or Opportunity when it comes to SEO?

HTML5 is not a ratified standard. But a lot of people are using HTML5 to code up their websites, both to access new functionality and also because HTML5 is well .. cool. The best uses of HTML5 we’ve seen is as a replacement for Adobe Flash, especially in today’s world where as much as 30% […]

That Sound You hear? It’s Not Holiday Bells. It’s The Dangerous Sound of Money Being Wasted on PPC Ads

More and more of our clients are asking us about pay-per-click advertising – sometimes called “SEM” – and where it fits into their inbound marketing + content marketing plans. For us, this is a little like the holiday bells in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Instead of hearing an angel getting its wings visualize hearing the […]

Search became more social and content centric throughout 2012

Google spent 2012 rewriting search as we know it. Many of the changes it made to its algorithm this year penalize websites that don’t add value to their users. For lack of a better word, we call these sites “tilt ups” … although everyone else just seems to call them spam. Here’s what characterizes a […]

We’ve been busy – our latest work for Content Rules

Content Rules is a professional services firm that like us is in the content business. Unlike us, they focus on the technical content needs of the Global 1000. Recently, Val Swisher, CEO & Founder of the firm joined the board of Translators without Borders. To celebrate, we didn’t throw a party. Instead, we sent a […]

How to create embed code for your infographic

Source: An emerging best practice with certain types of content — especially infographics — is to make that content available to share with embed code. This ensures that people come back to your site to download the original content. In this example, we’re going to use the Noob’s Guide to Interactive Marketing – a […]

Quick and Dirty Guide to Evaluating Web Creative

Source: Quick & Dirty Records A lot of people don’t know how to evaluate web creative, so here’s a quick and dirty guide. Before You Begin First of all, go back and read the creative brief with a highlighter. Highlight the communication objectives and what the brand is all about. Put the highlighted portion of […]

Must read blogs for social marketers

Came across this entry just updated based on an original entry published May 2008: ViperChill CopyBlogger Techipedia Social Media Optimization NowSourcing Soshable 10e20 SocialDesire Collective Thoughts ToprankBlog WignutSEO 97thFloor SearchEnginePeople BlogStorm DoshDosh IgniteSocialMedia SearchEngineLand CornwallSEO SocialMediaTrader SocialNewsWatch SearchEngineGuide Muhammad Saleem ProNetAdvertising Source Sempahore Software Blog

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