ROI marketing

The difference between marketing automation and CRM

A client asked me recently what the difference is between marketing automation and CRM and why they needed both systems as part of their fundamental infrastructure. CRM solutions like Salesforce target sales and business development folks and the tasks that are important to them, especially how to input, manage, and track their leads. The unit […]

Samsung Galaxy Note & maybe the beginning of phablet category

The Return of the Stylus The Samsung Galaxy Note is 5.3 inch phablet with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels – which is what people are calling oversized phones that can function as smallish tablets. This is much the same size screen I had when I used a Motorola Envoy but at 2x+ the […]

Great article on retention economics

Most people look at retention as something they measure annually – which misses the opportunity to respond to early warning signs in your installed base. So when I read this article over on Chief Marketer I got suitably excited … because it is right on in pointing out how to measure retention using two metrics […]

Duh. Compelling Content Drives Advertising Dollars

Recently, Yahoo announced that it’s sales in Q4 were going soft and reduced revenue and profit guidance for the year. The internet advertising category that Yahoo competes in had been growing by leaps and bounds. Thus, Yahoo’s announcement ended up punishing its stock and the sector in general. A lot has been written about what’s […]

Demand Planning

Insert marketing and the voice of the customer into the new product development process Companies that build a disciplined process for ROI Marketing and invest in systems to optimize the MarketMix have a considerable advantage over their peers.  A more effective and efficient marketing machinery provides more cash for the company to invest in innovative […]

Campaign Effectiveness

Figure out what really works to accelerate growth in revenue and profits ROI Marketing provides a set of tools for decision making around which specific marketing programs merit funding.  Where ROI Marketing leaves off is where Campaign Effectiveness begins. Work in this area focuses on answering the overarching questions around marketing spending and its impact […]

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