Three Ways Responsive Design Can Go Wrong

In case you can’t already tell, we are big advocates of responsive design for your web site. But we do understand that responsive design is no easy task. I mean, we built (and continue to build) a whole product designed to help people complete such a feat. Regardless of whether or not you have access […]

Is Your Website Built For The ‘Three Screens’?

Investing in a website that is optimized for tablet, smartphone, and “traditional” computers (PC, Mac) is a business decision that many B2B marketers are neglecting to a fault. Whether it is the high costs associated with such project or lack of interest, many B2B marketers are simply choosing to miss out on lead generation opportunities […]

6 Steps To Mobile Optimization for B2B Marketers

Often we hear that responsive design and mobile optimization in general is a must do for B2C marketers but unnecessary for B2B marketers. The thinking goes something like this: people buying for business purposes, as opposed to shopping for themselves, mainly search out products and services during work hours, when they have a desktop computer […]

Are People Who Use Smartphones Also Smarter, Better Looking, With Brighter Breath and Better Sex Lives?

Well, the answer to that question is yes, probably — kidding and kidding. Now that I have your attention. Here’s how to go about answering this question. Look at this data from the Pew Internet Study: What you’ll see is that 87% of the population uses a phone and 45% uses a smartphone. Divide the […]

Mobile Content Marketing Weekly Round-Up: Google Revamps AdWords, The 10 Most Innovative Mobile Companies, and More

Google’s New AdWords is Mobile; CPC Rates to Spike With the launch of Google’s new AdWords, the tech juggernaut is unifying the desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms to streamline campaign management and ultimately increase cost-per-click rates in their mobile offering. Read More About Google’s Revamped AdWords Fast Company: Top 10 Most Innovative Mobile Companies While […]

Responsive Design: What Could Go Wrong? Well, a Lot.

Responsive design sounds like a cure for everything that ails your website, right? I mean, all you need is one code base to program your website to fit itself on whatever screen — whether a 27” monitor or 3.5” smartphone — a particular visitor is using, thereby negating the need for a separate mobile site. […]

Mobile Marketing Weekly Round-Up: Facebook’s Mobile First Strategy, Apple Beats Samsung Again, and More

Facebook Pushes Forward On Mobile First Strategy With 23% of their revenue coming from mobile advertising and daily mobile users outnumbering Web for the first time, Facebook will undoubtedly continue to focus on mobile. As Chantal Tode stated in Mobile Marketer Daily, “Since mobile users are typically in a different mindset than desktop users, it […]

Mobile Marketing Weekly Round-Up: What Matters in Mobile Content Marketing

Retail to Spend $55 Billion Annually on Mobile Marketing by 2015 Retailers Must Optimize their Sites for Mobile Browsing, Registration & Payment A new report published by Juniper research estimates that retailers will spend $55 billion annually by 2015. The report, Retail mCommerce: Mobile & Tablet Marketing, Advertising & Coupon Strategies 2013-2017 notes that mobile […]

Growing Reasons to Use Facebook for Mobile – But Measure Conversion Twice!

A study by AdParlor showing growing reasons to use Facebook for mobile advertising: 15x clickthrough versus the desktop web clicks 30% cheaper on mobile CVR (conversion rate) is 16% lower than online, likely reduced by optimization Entertainment vertical shows highest CTR on mobile Android has a 62% higher CTR than the iPhone & Blackberry Fans […]

3 Dictation-to-Text Apps to Increase Content Creation

If you’re a content creator, you know the importance of blogging – and blogging often. But sometimes sitting down to that blank computer screen, with that big, white, empty document staring you down can be daunting. This can obviously slow down your content creation schedule as you sit in front of that blank screen with […]

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