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That Sound You hear? It’s Not Holiday Bells. It’s The Dangerous Sound of Money Being Wasted on PPC Ads

More and more of our clients are asking us about pay-per-click advertising – sometimes called “SEM” – and where it fits into their inbound marketing + content marketing plans. For us, this is a little like the holiday bells in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Instead of hearing an angel getting its wings visualize hearing the […]

“IF CONTENT IS KING, CONTEXT IS GOD,” said Gary Vaynerchuk

Recently, Hubspot picked up on this copy line to define their newest product offering … Hubspot3 which adds contextual marketing + advanced personalization to this product, which we and our clients use to generate leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy – at which point we hand off the lead to sales […]

Content Marketing: Still in the early innings.

Guest Post I recently came across an article by Lara O’Reilly in MarketingWeek with a provocative title: “There’s value in Content Marketing, but don’t jump in”. The premise of the article was interesting when you consider the rapid ascent of Content Marketing and the attention that this new discipline has garnered. Recent research findings from […]

Making the case for Customer Loyalty

Can a small- or medium-business focus on measuring customer loyalty without breaking the bank. Yes. If your SMB leverages the net promoter score methodology pioneered by Bain & Company and the topic of the book “The Ultimate Question.” In fact, if you are a small- or medium-sized business and don’t focus on customer loyalty, we […]

The difference between marketing automation and CRM

A client asked me recently what the difference is between marketing automation and CRM and why they needed both systems as part of their fundamental infrastructure. CRM solutions like Salesforce target sales and business development folks and the tasks that are important to them, especially how to input, manage, and track their leads. The unit […]

Don’t forget the marketing funnel when creating infographics

Source:Marked Lines Today, content marketing is the strategy everyone seems to be talking about, as a low-cost way to re-invigorate business-to-business marketing, drive more leads, and create more engagement. And the poster child for content marketing is – of course – the infographic. For those not in the know, Content Marketing is defined as a […]

Seven strategies for mobile advertising, which ones will work

Great article first published on VentureBeat on the mobile advertising strategies one VC expects to endure as opposed to novelty strategies that will be here today and gone tomorrow … By Ken Elefant 11.12.06 The past few years haven’t been easy for wireless service providers. With 3G and fee-based data services a flop and a […]

Simplicity and personalization: tomorrow’s tech values

To align with what consumers want and need, now and in the future, get simple and get personal. Those are two of a dozen “technology values” unearthed in a new study from the Washington-based research firm Social Technologies. The top 12 values consumers will look for in products, services, and technologies include simplicity, efficiency, and […]

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