Nice to get recognized for our work

Source: Jaw Drop Cooler Co Generally, we like to think the work we do for clients performs well and looks great. But great looks are – for us – always secondary to making sure the site performs well in terms of getting found, its conversion value, and optimization, the three things of importance to anyone […]

True grit trumps intelligence

True Grit trumps intelligence. Grit — the quality that allows a person to overcome setbacks — may be the most important predictor of success, researchers argue. Grit still isn’t well understood, but recent studies suggest that, unlike intelligence, grit can be learned or developed over time. Source The Boston Globe as reported on Smart Brief […]

Priming the opportunity pipeline

A recent study by Imaginatik Research touts the concept of an Opportunity Pipeline for connecting corporate objectives to innovation. Some companies, upon discovery of a revenue growth gap, “embark on one-off innovation initiatives with the goal of boosting their pipeline of new products and services.” The problem here is that “innovation-on-demand” solutions rarely work over […]

More effective brainstorming

Thomas Kelley of design firm IDEO has a lot of experience in fostering effective brainstorming. He suggests allocating a specific space for innovation, well-stocked with sketch boards, maps, pictures and other stimulating visuals, as well as an abundance of post-it notes, prototyping kids, markers, story-board frames, etc. Practice the Zen principle of “beginner’s mind” and […]

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