2015 City Innovate Summit

Changing the World One City at a Time I’m working pro bono as the CMO to the City Innovation Foundation. The foundation’s flagship event is the City Innovate Summit, being held in San Francisco on June 17-18.  You can register as my guest by following this link. This conference brings together the top cities, mayors, technologists, and change […]

Working with an interesting new company – Myallies

Photo from Wikihow: Get a Man to Ask for Directions Currently located at (I know, I know) the company will shortly relocate to The problem we solve is that women don’t like to ask for help. Numerous studies show that by not asking for help, women disadvantage themselves in their careers and in […]

Identify New Business Opportunities with the Consumer Trend Canvas

Best-practice business-to-business marketers are committed to marketing to their customers as people … not job titles, or corporate entities. For B2B Marketers increasingly this means taking tools intended for marketing of consumer products and adapting them to meet their needs. In this spirit, I thought I would share the Consumer Trend Canvas. This is a […]

Native Advertising: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Actually, the news is not all bad. First lets define what native advertising is. Native advertising is defined as advertising that appears to be native to the media that spawned it. Banner ads are not native to websites – they are intended to interrupt the flow of your interaction with that website. Mashable ran a […]

Schrage Approves of the New Innovation Ecosystem

Well-known innovation and security expert Michael Schrage preaches that the innovation that matters is not what the innovator offers but what the customer adopts — and says that the best organizations are starting to use their customers as a source of innovative introspection. He explains: “The most valuable tools and technologies used internally to discover, […]

Deconstructing the Innovator’s Skill

Peter J. Denning, director of the Cebrowski Institute, and Robert Dunham, founder of Enterprise Performance Inc., have spent many years examining the innovator’s skill and teaching it to their students and clients. Over that time, they’ve found that innovation is driven by processes beyond human control and that innovation failures greatly outnumber successes—in other words, […]

Innovation blooms from observation

Innovation happens at the junction between business and customer needs, not from lonely geniuses or executive brainstorms. So says Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, which makes Quicken and Quickbooks. To create a culture of innovation, he urges you to observe your customers. For example, in the 1940s and ‘50s, cargo transportation companies were racing to […]

Multi-disciplinary design

There’s a buzz these days about something called multidisciplinary design, a concept explained this way by Harry West, vice president of strategy and innovation at Design Continuum: “One thing I think we need to be clear on is that multi-disciplinary design, in and of itself, does not deliver real value. It’s a means to an […]

CIO as Chief Innovation Officer

The role of chief information officer is morphing into a dual role as chief information/innovation officer, as CIOs increasingly are tapped to interpret the plethora of data they collect and harness it to develop and implement new strategies. Authors Peter Boatwright et al. say: “The new CIO must be the champion of a process for […]

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