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Interim CMO Work for Kampyle

Last year, I spent 4 months working as Kampyle’s Interim CMO on a virtual basis.  Kampyle is based in Israel and is the first place to put little orange buttons that say “Give Feedback” on top of websites, thus originating the customer satisfaction category. Ori Soen, Kampyle’s new CEO, came to me with a request to help […]

Why You (Still) Need An SEO Strategy (And What to Do About It)

Now that 100% of content from Google comes in as “referrer not provided” some people I talk to seem to think that an SEO strategy is no longer needed. Say it isn’t so! Today a SEO strategy looks a lot like a content strategy … and yes … you need one desperately. Why? Because unless […]

Thank You Pages in Response to Landing Pages are a Changing

Montenate is a company (not our client) that we follow as a best practice company, one that is leading the way in inbound marketing. Recently we signed up for a webinar on Trends in Mobile. The webinar thank you page caught our eye because it is representative of a new trend in thank you pages. […]

For B2Bs & SMBs, The Oscar For “Best Social Medium” Goes To Twitter

Recently a friend of mine had to downsize her business and in the process she lost her social media intern. She shrugged it off by saying – it’s not as if Twitter drives new business. On the contrary! According to a recent study completed by Optify – one of our strategic partners here at Open […]

That Sound You hear? It’s Not Holiday Bells. It’s The Dangerous Sound of Money Being Wasted on PPC Ads

More and more of our clients are asking us about pay-per-click advertising – sometimes called “SEM” – and where it fits into their inbound marketing + content marketing plans. For us, this is a little like the holiday bells in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Instead of hearing an angel getting its wings visualize hearing the […]

Goodbye Feedburner, Hello Feedblitz

Google is phasing out the Feedburner API, which generally means that the company is getting ready to end-of-life the product sometime in the near future. It’s not imminent, no reason to panic, etc. That said, we like to be proactive about these things, so we are moving all of our clients to Feedblitz. We looked […]

Why lead nurturing is surprisingly like dating … and what to do about it

I’m a happily married lady. Have been married to a terrific man for 25 years now. Which dates me. Speaking of dating. It occurred to me recently, that many business-to-business marketers don’t “get” how lead nurturing is a lot like dating. Whether you are a man or a woman, gay or straight, it is unlikely […]

Business to business behavior is changing: adaptation is required

Even experienced B2B marketers are finding the rapid shift to online/digital/website/inbound marketing (pick your favourite acronym – we prefer the term “Inbound Marketing”) challenging. Buyer behavior is rapidly shifting and B2B marketing campaigns need to adapt to catch up. There is no time to waste. Delay and your competitors will eat you alive. Managing The […]

Killer Landing Pages that Convert 7 Tips from Search Engine Watch

I was thrilled this morning to wake up, scratch my head, grab my reading glasses, stumble for my phone and find that our landing page for our client Content Rules was featured as a best practice example on Search Engine Watch as a killer landing page that converts: As a quick refresher, here are the […]

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