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HTML5: Problem or Opportunity when it comes to SEO?

HTML5 is not a ratified standard. But a lot of people are using HTML5 to code up their websites, both to access new functionality and also because HTML5 is well .. cool. The best uses of HTML5 we’ve seen is as a replacement for Adobe Flash, especially in today’s world where as much as 30% […]

3 Dictation-to-Text Apps to Increase Content Creation

If you’re a content creator, you know the importance of blogging – and blogging often. But sometimes sitting down to that blank computer screen, with that big, white, empty document staring you down can be daunting. This can obviously slow down your content creation schedule as you sit in front of that blank screen with […]

Designer Marketing 101 – 6 Tips on How To Prepare For a Project Photoshoot

Designer Marketing 101 is a series of educational content target to the design trade on how marketing can be used to build your brand (and ultimately your business!) beyond your portfolio. Topics discussed reach past your firm and into the mind of your prospects, opinions from industry colleagues, insight from editors, and how to leverage […]

How to create embed code for your infographic

Source: An emerging best practice with certain types of content — especially infographics — is to make that content available to share with embed code. This ensures that people come back to your site to download the original content. In this example, we’re going to use the Noob’s Guide to Interactive Marketing – a […]

Quick and Dirty Guide to Evaluating Web Creative

Source: Quick & Dirty Records A lot of people don’t know how to evaluate web creative, so here’s a quick and dirty guide. Before You Begin First of all, go back and read the creative brief with a highlighter. Highlight the communication objectives and what the brand is all about. Put the highlighted portion of […]

How to boost your blog traffic

Great article available here Paul has four main recommendations … all of which I agree with BTW: 1. Make your blog usable Usability is a matter of finding a unique voice (something compelling to say) plus formatting your blog in a way that is visually unique yet still loads wicked fast. For tips on […]

Write to get read … an example

Background The purpose of this memo is to summarize the recent focus groups with consumers and IT professionals regarding Product X. Recommendation The positioning worked well for the technical decision makers but was way over the heads of the average consumer. For this reason, we recommend launching the product with “see through” plastics in support […]

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