Mobile Marketing Weekly Round-Up: Facebook’s Mobile First Strategy, Apple Beats Samsung Again, and More

Facebook Pushes Forward On Mobile First Strategy With 23% of their revenue coming from mobile advertising and daily mobile users outnumbering Web for the first time, Facebook will undoubtedly continue to focus on mobile. As Chantal Tode stated in Mobile Marketer Daily, ‚ÄúSince mobile users are typically in a different mindset than desktop users, it […]

Samsung Galaxy Note & maybe the beginning of phablet category

The Return of the Stylus The Samsung Galaxy Note is 5.3 inch phablet with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels – which is what people are calling oversized phones that can function as smallish tablets. This is much the same size screen I had when I used a Motorola Envoy but at 2x+ the […]

More good news on the 1 million missing iPhones

The phones aren’t missing … they’re simply unlocked. Which means that no matter how hard you try to keep a platform closed, end users and entrepreneurs will do whatever it takes to open up the platform. Even if it means voiding the warranting, inconveniencing themselves with multiple update cycles, or the like. So much so […]

When does a phone cease to be a phone?

Invented way back in 1876, the telephone is now both the most personal, most social and most rapidly evolving technological device, says The Economist magazine, which predicts in the future, phones will not only look very different — they may not even be visible. Phones may be camouflaged in jewelry or accessories, or even embedded […]

Confessions of a mobile phone addict

Expect 12-step groups to start breaking out all over for mobile phone addicts Recently, C|NET interviewed one 27-year old male who spent $2,000+ in the last 18 months alone in his quest to find the perfect mobile phone. The particular addict profiled lives in New York and calls himself “Jeffrey Gordon” … but that could […]

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