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With all the talk about what’s wrong with VC

Source: Technology Review I can’t help but observe the following … after meeting with two different people who were laid off recently, from two different venture-backed start offs. There’s a wealth of information on what’s wrong with a company available simply by listening when people talk … information that I suspect isn’t getting to the […]

Prepare for the future with dueling business plans

The key to improvement is bringing evolution inside and getting the wheels of differentiation, selection, and amplification spinning within your organization, says McKinsey senior advisor Eric D. Beinhocker. In his book, “The Origin of Wealth,” Beinhocker suggests that instead of thinking of strategy as a single plan built on predictions of the future, think of […]

Best set of articles on raising VC I’ve seen

Available from Frank Demmler, who has done over 200 deals in his career and now teaches entrepreneurship at the Center for Entrepreneurship of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon: Frank Demmler’s site Explains the mysterious ins and outs of term sheets including terms that favor investors over founders but that are more or […]

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