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Why Content Marketing Can Get You More Exposure Than Traditional PR

Time and time again designer friends and colleagues ask if we do PR for the trade. The simple answer is yes. But when I ask what they are looking for, the answer is always the same. They all want print coverage. From there I transition the dialogue into my normal talk of content marketing and […]

5 Quick Trends in Content Marketing for 2013

2012 was quite a year for content marketing. Increasingly we and other thought leaders in the industry are looking back on 2012 as the year content marketing started moving into the mainstream. For evidence, you need look no farther than these three articles – from the mainstream press – that discuss content marketing: So what […]

The Contentious State of Business-to-Business Content Marketing According to Marketo

Marketo recently produced an infographic that talks about “the contentious state of content marketing” among B2B marketers. The data is pulled from the latest content marketing study conducted by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. We don’t think the state is contentious so much as misunderstood. Content Marketing is a relatively new field and too […]

That Sound You hear? It’s Not Holiday Bells. It’s The Dangerous Sound of Money Being Wasted on PPC Ads

More and more of our clients are asking us about pay-per-click advertising – sometimes called “SEM” – and where it fits into their inbound marketing + content marketing plans. For us, this is a little like the holiday bells in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Instead of hearing an angel getting its wings visualize hearing the […]

A thank you we received recently for doubling (!!!) a client’s business

You read that right by the way. Recently, we worked with a client who had $X in revenue before working with Open Marketing and following our work with them to rebrand themselves, relaunch under a new name, and under a new website, attracted a customer that was worth $X in revenue – effectively doubling the […]

Business to business behavior is changing: adaptation is required

Even experienced B2B marketers are finding the rapid shift to online/digital/website/inbound marketing (pick your favourite acronym – we prefer the term “Inbound Marketing”) challenging. Buyer behavior is rapidly shifting and B2B marketing campaigns need to adapt to catch up. There is no time to waste. Delay and your competitors will eat you alive. Managing The […]

“IF CONTENT IS KING, CONTEXT IS GOD,” said Gary Vaynerchuk

Recently, Hubspot picked up on this copy line to define their newest product offering … Hubspot3 which adds contextual marketing + advanced personalization to this product, which we and our clients use to generate leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy – at which point we hand off the lead to sales […]

15 Great Stats About The Effectiveness of Content Marketing + Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing is an art while Inbound Marketing is more of the science. Put the two things together and exponential results are possible. Here are 15 great statistics courtesy of Hubspot and Optify that highlight how and why content marketing + inbound marketing are so effective. Cost effective lead generation Inbound leads cost per lead […]

No one Ever Bought Because You Bored Them to Death(tm)

This is one of my favorite sayings. Someday we’ll make chatkas and sell them to folks with this copy line on it. Someday soon. Meanwhile we are too busy growing our online marketing agency, focused around content marketing + inbound marketing. But I digress. This answer is a response to questions I get all the […]

Content Marketing: Still in the early innings.

Guest Post I recently came across an article by Lara O’Reilly in MarketingWeek with a provocative title: “There’s value in Content Marketing, but don’t jump in”. The premise of the article was interesting when you consider the rapid ascent of Content Marketing and the attention that this new discipline has garnered. Recent research findings from […]

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