Quick and Dirty Guide to Evaluating Web Creative

Source: Quick & Dirty Records A lot of people don’t know how to evaluate web creative, so here’s a quick and dirty guide. Before You Begin First of all, go back and read the creative brief with a highlighter. Highlight the communication objectives and what the brand is all about. Put the highlighted portion of […]

Does Marketing Matter or is it Increasingly Irrelevant?

Here at Open Marketing, we’re kind of known for asking the big, hairy, audacious questions. You know the kind of questions I mean. The ones everyone is afraid to ask. But that tend to linger long after you thought the discussion was over … the proverbial “elephants in the room”. One of those questions is […]

Just what the Doctor Ordered: an Extreme Makeover for Marketing

Presentation given at SoftSummit, October 11, 2005 (Santa Clara, CA), a conference sponsored by Macrovision maker of Installshield and attended by some 1,000+ independent software vendors Argues that today we live and work in a time of extreme competition where products and brands are in excess supply. As a result, the traditional model of marketing—which […]

Three strategies to improve campaign ROI

There are three main ways to improve campaign ROI within a customer segment:   Today, it is not uncommon to have the cost of new customer acquisition exceed what you will see in profits off the first purchase from a new customer. The way the major networks and publishers are pricing advertising vehicles has a […]

Why your next agency is likely to be a consultancy

Funny thing.  Our phones are ringing again, for the first time in a long while.  I guess this means that the great recession of 2001-2004 is finally over.  Clients are starting to wake up from the big slumber, stretch, scratch themselves, and reach for the phone.  They’re calling us and folks like us, not only […]

Retailers get a Q4 wake up call

Neo: “That’s not possible.” Morpheus: “I promised you the truth, Neo, and the truth is that the world you were living in was a lie.” Neo: “How?” Morpheus: “I’ll show you.” —From The Matrix (1999), starring Keanu Reeves as Neo and Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus. What if you woke up in January 2005 and discovered […]

Marketing through the Rapids

As the economy (finally) recovers, marketers ask “what now” Crocodiles slither from the banks into the river as they continue their risk-filled journey. He sarcastically points them out to her: “Waiting for their supper, Miss.” Rose: Don’t be worried, Mr. Allnut. Charlie: Oh, I ain’t worried, Miss. Gave myself up for dead back where we […]

On Differentiation

it takes a surprising amount of courage to build differentiation into products Sign hanging around the neck of a well dressed panhandler we spotted in downtown San Francisco: “Have Courage Will Differentiate for Six Figures” As a marketer, it is extremely tempting to push your company to build me-too products. After all, differentiation takes courage. […]

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