Well, the answer to that question is yes, probably — kidding and kidding.

Now that I have your attention. Here’s how to go about answering this question. Look at this data from the Pew Internet Study:

demographic skews - mobile smart phones

What you’ll see is that 87% of the population uses a phone and 45% uses a smartphone.

Divide the numbers presented in each column by 87 and 45 (in each respective column) and then multiple by 100. You are looking for numbers that are below 80 are above 120 – which is a common sense way of looking for skews in the data.

Here’s what the data tells us – we think:

People who use smart phones are younger, more educated, and have more income, all other things being equal. To the extent these attributes are correlated with being better looking and having brighter teeth and a better sex life (just kidding), then we know a lot about smart phone adopters. More seriously, here’s a link to the original data.


Pew Internet: Mobile Research Updated January 2013