Pez dispensers are about to go digital, in a deal with gadget design firm Lincoln West Studios, which plans to market MP3 players shaped like traditional Pez dispensers and capable of “wearing” any of the snap-on plastic heads that adorn the originals. The Pez MP3 will hit the shelves sometime this summer, featuring 512 megabytes of capacity, an LCD screen, USB slot and ear-bud headphones, priced at $129. Lincoln West plans to test the waters with an initial production of 1,000, sold through its Web site.

Designer Patrick Misterovich says he was inspired to create the Pez MP3 after following a competition by the maker of Altoids to come up with new ways to use its metal mint containers. “I saw that and I thought, that’s pretty neat, taking something that you would think of as electronics and turning it into a device. When I started thinking about how I could do that, the Pez idea came to me, and I figured it was something that was pretty cool that could appeal to a lot of people,” says Misterovich.

CNet 25 Mar 2005