Imitation is not flattery – a rant

Imitators be wary!  Recently came across this site at – which is direct rip off of our look and feel here at Firewhite. This is appalling for a variety of different reasons. 

First, our site was designed by Two Thirty Media out of Canada, one of our strategic partners.  So, presumably Media Paradigm owes Paul Jarvis, President and CEO a design fee equal to what we paid for him to design our site. 

Second, media-paradigm claims that it offers services in content management and graphic design.  Well, if you are a graphic designer you don’t need to steal.  So I question whether media-paradigm offers any “real” services. Certainly, when it comes to coding, I’d have real doubt.  Why?  Because their rip off doesn’t take advantage of CSS and tableless-design so as to meet web standards; our site does and was designed to do so.  I can only assume that the UK is an world of hurt.  If – as MP claims – these guys are the “UK’s most established Web Development firm” be afraid, be very afraid.  What this basically says is that no one in the UK – and by extension Europe – knows how to implement web standards. 

Sorry for the rant but this burns me!

Imitation is not flattery – a rant
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