Best practices

Baristas are experts at using standard equipment and premium beans to make a truly outstanding cup of Joe.  So it is with experts in customer marketing and analytics.  True aficionados know how to structure your test to maximize learning without compromising on ROI or revenue delivery. 

Don’t test what you already know

  • Leverage industry, segment, & audience knowledge
  • Specificity of offer & targeting always improves performance
  • Time-driven offers perform better than open-ended ones

Start with the basic fundamentals, strategy occurs after fundamentals are understood

  • Keep it simple
  • Agree upon process
  • Quality control

Design campaigns so learning can be generalized

  • Track beyond response, all the way to behavior you ultimately desire (e.g. seminar registration)
  • Use controls, e.g. Do Not Mail Control Groups
  • Use statistically valid cell sizes


Best practices
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