Why is marketing automation so d@rn people intensive

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This is not a rhetorical question. It’s something I’ve been pondering for a while, especially lately, when I see so many job descriptions like this one come across my desk:


The promise of marketing automation is to empower marketing people to creating campaign sites, microsites, landing pages, lead nurturing campaigns, and A/B tests without having to involve a system administrator or IT person.

The reality is … well … quite a bit different. Too often, companies are finding that they need to hire someone with a technical skill set to operate the marketing automation solution. And when that person leaves the company – as they invariably will – FORGET ABOUT IT. Finding the right kind of talent is almost impossible. Marketo and Eloqua consultants get paid big bucks and are not easy to hire into your company.

Here at Bislr, we are big proponents of the agile marketing manifesto, particularly principal #12 “keep it simple”. It’s the reason we built Bislr so that the average person could “grok” how it works, get up and running in minutes not days, and start creating kick @ss campaigns.

We can as an industry do better. We must. Especially as we look to 2013 as a seminal year in marketing automation, thanks to the acquisition of Exact Target / Pardot by Salesforce for a mind blowing $2.43B.

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Why is marketing automation so d@rn people intensive
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