Last year, I spent 4 months working as Kampyle’s Interim CMO on a virtual basis.  Kampyle is based in Israel and is the first place to put little orange buttons that say “Give Feedback” on top of websites, thus originating the customer satisfaction category.

Ori Soen, Kampyle’s new CEO, came to me with a request to help Kampyle reposition itself and turn its website/social media presence into a lead generating machine. To do this, we moved from a site that looked pretty but didn’t generate demand and leads to one that met best practices in inbound marketing/lead generation.

Here’s the before.  Looks pretty but there was no lead capture mechanism and the majority of pages were provided as downloadable PDFs.  To optimize findability in search, it’s really important that pages be rendered in HTML.  Also note that the site focuses on category-specific jargon that didn’t really tell you what the company could do for you. There was no appeal to the heartstrings either – which is important as business decision makers are people (first) and people buy with their hearts and minds.

kampyle before











Now here’s the after.  Note that the positioning here is away from jargon towards more tangible results. At one glance you can tell what the company does: enterprise customer feedback.   Also, the messaging here balances the emotional with the logical/practical.

kampyle after