A Follow Up – How to Embed Infographics

(Image via Chad Haugen)

Previously, I wrote about how to create the embed code that should go below any infographic you create and want to share across the blogosphere. This article got a lot of nice attention and is one of the most visited on Open Marketing’s blog.

As a follow up to this, I want to point out that there is now a nifty plugin you can install in WordPress that will automate the creation of the embed code for you. The plugin is called “Embed Code Generator” and was jointly developed by Infographic Journal.

Install the plugin, activate it, and then go to any post in WordPress. You’ll see an entry box that looks like this:
embed code generator

The fields are pretty self explanatory – but just in case they aren’t – you can see (above) how we filled out the fields for a recent infographic we produced on how architects are using the web.

Recent Infographic

Relevant Link
Get the Plug In Here

Source: http://www.chadhagen.com/

A Follow Up – How to Embed Infographics
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