Moving to Portland, OR on June 1

Some news. We are moving to Portland June 1st. Our reasons for this were many but included a wish to slow down (a bit), travel (well that’s not happening), and participate in new adventures (some of which can still happen!). There is a strong maker community there as well as a fledgling startup ecosystem for […]

Comments on the Death of My Father – Prof. Leo P. Kadanoff

Photo Credit: Thomas A. Witten I was honored to give a very short talk at my father’s funeral. My father was the MacArthur Chair of Physics at the University of Chicago. He died at 78 due to complications after cardiac surgery. Several of his colleagues asked for copies of my remarks at his graveside service […]

Affordable Housing Blogs to Follow

Currently, I’m working at the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), a non-profit that builds and runs affordable housing for people who live in the Tenderloin and other historically poor neighborhoods. My role is as a marketing change agent, helping them with their communications needs. This is my first non-profit experience in a while. Those of […]

2015 City Innovate Summit

Changing the World One City at a Time I’m working pro bono as the CMO to the City Innovation Foundation. The foundation’s flagship event is the City Innovate Summit, being held in San Francisco on June 17-18.  You can register as my guest by following this link. This conference brings together the top cities, mayors, technologists, and change […]

Interim CMO Work for Kampyle

Last year, I spent 4 months working as Kampyle’s Interim CMO on a virtual basis.  Kampyle is based in Israel and is the first place to put little orange buttons that say “Give Feedback” on top of websites, thus originating the customer satisfaction category. Ori Soen, Kampyle’s new CEO, came to me with a request to help […]

SF Camerawork Auction – coming up on November 1 – doors open at 11 with bidding starting at 1

For those of you who don’t know, I’m on the board of directors of SF Camerawork. SF Camerawork is the oldest non-profit gallery in San Francisco, located in the mid-market area. Our annual auction is the biggest fund raising event of the year. Tickets are $20 in advance ($30 at the door) and available for […]

Working with an interesting new company – Myallies

Photo from Wikihow: Get a Man to Ask for Directions Currently located at (I know, I know) the company will shortly relocate to The problem we solve is that women don’t like to ask for help. Numerous studies show that by not asking for help, women disadvantage themselves in their careers and in […]

How to evaluate next generation marketing automation solutions

I recently left Bislr (now called Autopilot HQ), where I served as CMO. Inquiring minds are asking me what to look for in a “modern” marketing automation solution, now that I can be objective post Bislr. According to Gleanster (September 2013), the respected marketing research firm, there are 10 things to consider when evaluating next-generation […]

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